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FOSS Billing Project Announced

Fred Trotter has a pretty major announcement of a Free and Open Source medical billing project for FreeMED that will work with other projects: ‘It is time to announce a new project of the FreeMED Software Foundation. The FreeMED Billing Project. It has become clear that this Project should be a meta project. There are several FOSS Practice Management systems, but no one has a really good implementation of a Billing System. Like FreeMED the other projects seem to be implementing billing in a piecemeal fashion, supporting whatever their particular users request. This is not the fault of the Projects. Billing is arbitrarily complex due to the whim of the insurance companies. A system is needed that can quickly adapt to that system…’ The rest of the announcement is within.

The FreeMED Billing Project will be implemented in Perl. To gain access
to the text munging, XML capabilities and expect module that Perl
offers. It will use an XML-RPC interface to connect into FreeMED.

This XML-RPC interface will be FreeMED neutral, which means other. GPL
FOSS systems will be able to make us of it. So far at least TORCH and
OSCAR have expressed hopes that the system will be designed and
implemented well enough that they might be able to integrate it.
Hopefully this project will eventually play a similar role as OpenSSH
does in the Operating System community. Helping lots of different
projects, by addressing a common need.

Which is a good point to open up the RFP portion of this section. Here
are my current implementation ideas.

1. I will implement a little language, in XML.

2. The interpreter will be written in Perl

3. The will be a script that converts medical manager billing formats
(also a little language)

4. The system will be capable of targeting printers for paper forms

5. The system will be capable of using a modem for Electronic Billing

6. Exactly WHAT gets billed will be up to the Practice Management
System. FreeMED Billing will simply bill what it is told to bill, and
query the PM for the info it needs to make that happen.

7. We intend to bill National Similar Format (HIPPA version) electronic
billing and HCFAish paper billing, as well as patient statements and
superbills in version 1.0 Any other great needs???

I will do the first round of feature requests and implementation
suggestions here. After that is finished I will move further discussion
over to a list or Wiki at I will of course post periodic
updates back here….

Fred Trotter, CISSP

Linux Medical Billing Anyone?

Can anyone direct me as to where I can possibly find any software preferably open source that is able to do medical billing on the Linux platform? Knowing I’m a Linux guy, I’ve had several friends approach me with this question, even to the point that I’m now pretty curious myself. Also if anyone could tell me how Linux fits in with the whole HIPAA thing? And last but not least, is there any open source or even other practice management software that happens practice management under Linux that is ready to be pushed into the end user environment? If so, is billing incorporated with this software as well? Thanks for any and all assistance and suggestions. I’m kind of a newbie to the health care potion of IT under Linux.
Also, please feel free to email me with any additional info.