Congress Health IT Bill and Cerner Lobbying

Alberto Borges, MD writes in with news that a major Health IT bill is up for approval in Congress and that Cerner spent $180,000 in lobbying the government in the 1st quarter alone. Might the passage of this bill heavily favor the formation of a cartel of proprietary vendors? Dr. Borges also has a presentation from 04/2008 on many subjects, including positions or lack thereof of Presidential candidates on Health IT.

Misys OS Development Manager

In addition to a Director of Open Source Solutions, Misys is also expanding its open source development team and is searching for a Manager of Open Source Development who will lead a core group to internal developers in support of open source projects. This is a great opportunity for a seasoned OS healthcare developer with solid management experience who isn’t afraid to her their hands dirty.

Manager, Open source Development

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HealthCloud CHMED Developer API Public Beta Available

If you have followed our previous posts on an open source medications database ClearHealth you are already aware that we now operate a fully public domain data resource regarding medications for use with our ClearHealth system. We have been struggling with a way to make this available and relevant for a wide audience for use in many applications and have now completed the beginning of that effort. Considerations had to be made taking into account liability and the frequently changing nature of some of the data (daily or even hourly in some cases).

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Free medical tool tackles disease

BBC news has an article on the use of OpenMRS in Africa. ‘A free and simple piece of open source software is helping manage the spread of disease in developing countries. The Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS) is providing countries, such as South Africa, with an online patient medical record system…’ The project leader Dr. Paul Biondich was awarded the 2007 Linux Medical Freedom Award

The CCR, CCD and other specifications

I find it interesting that we do not have a category for standards/specifications here. Maybe it is my fault for not suggesting one earlier?

The linked (below) blog post by Dr. David Kibbe I think exemplifies the NIH (not invented here) syndrome and how we so often want to rewrite (misrepresent) history in the US healthcare IT industry that we should (MUST) give pause.

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NEJM: Electronic Health Records in Ambulatory Care — A National Survey of Physicians

New England Journal of Medicine has the results of a study on the very low use of EHR’s in primary care with NY Times take on the study. Unfortunately, the message seems to be that financial incentives to doctors for pretty much any proprietary EHR system is what is needed with no analysis or thought whatsoever of their problems vs. open source ones:

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Healthcare on the Cloud, New Service from ClearHealth

ClearHealth is happy to announce a variety of new services for healthcare based on cloud computing that deliver instant-on, access anywhere systems. In most cases these services are powered by the cloud systems. These new offerings include a hosted version of ClearHealth Office, Secure Networked Backup for all healthcare systems, and high performance reporting servers.
Additionally you can register to access and beta a variety of free services including our HealthCloud medications database API’s and a forthcoming array of other API services at One more exciting thing, we are now an authorized sales agent for Mirth systems, call or email for special bundles and discount pricing.

Potpourri: WalMart, GoogleHealth and Cerner

From the hardhats blog came this and this discussion of Cerner dissing GoogleHealth partnership as well as that Cerner’s model is threatened by open-source. The next article is about Wal-Mart’s impact with its retail stores and how it is a boost for eClinicalWorks and a jab for ’70’s technology’. I say: “Hey Wal-Mart, why don’t you use and fund development of ClearHealth/MirrorMed instead?”