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What is new for Debian-Med in Etch.

With the recent release of Debian Etch, the Debian-Med project strengthened its current three main areas of activity: imaging, bioinformatics, and medical practice. Progresses are summarized on the Debian web site and in this article here.

What is new for Debian-Med in etch?

April 19th, 2007

The Debian-Med project strenghtened its current three main areas of
activity: imaging, bioinformatics, and medical practice. But of course,
it also benefits of all the other improvements of Debian etch, such as
increased security with signed packages, a new way of exploring the
18,000 available packages — the Debtags, or the official support of
the amd64 architecture.

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Debian-Med: Project Status

Andreas Tille has a status report on the Debian-Med project a Linux distribution for medicine and medical applications. The full text of the announcement is within.


  • (Main News) Website is now inside the official Debian hierarchy and it is translated completely into German. (Well completely means there is a German equivalent for each English sentence but I’m no real expert on the field of medicine and it would be really necessary to check the tranlations carefully.)


  • Split research.html into research and microbio.
  • Adds bugsx and emboss to microbio.
  • Found a veterinary practice management system: FreeVet.
    Unfortunately this project seems to be dead but I hope someone
    reading this will step in.

  • New Metapackages: med-imaging and med-imaging-dev.
    Added bugsx to med-bio.
    New version of resmed-doc package.


  • Entry in “Brave GNU world” columne of Linux Magazin.
  • Talk about Debian-Med at the Linuxtag in Magdeburg (Germany)
  • Logo. I would love it if someone could take over the organisation
    of a logo contest – this is not one of my best fields.

    Kind regards


  • Announce: Debian-Med Project

    I’m proud to announce the official start of
    the Debian-Med project. For detailed info just visit the unofficial project page. Probably the official address where these pages will be moved to will be but this page is not available yet. Read on for how to subscribe to the project mailing list.

    To subscribe to the mailing list, please send mail to

    with the word `subscribe’ as Subject.
    Please remember the -REQUEST part of the address.

    Kind regards