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Netscape 6.0: Finally

Updated 11/15/00: The comments of most people on other sites and articles has not been positive for this release. Most indicate waiting for 6.1 CNet has a story about todays long awaited release of Netscape 6.0. The article reviews the reasons Netscape originally went for an open source version of its browser and how the gamble has finally paid off. “If you look at how long it takes to write a software product from start to finish, it wasn’t such a long time,”
said Sol Goldfarb, director of the browser product marketing team at Netscape. “We’re proud of how quickly
the product came out the doors.”
This is an important development for Linux in general and open source medical software in particular as a robust, stable browser is key to the success of both. We outlined why in an April, 2000 LinuxMedNews article. You can find some early reviews: ZDnet’s here and’s review here.