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GT.M Open Sourced

The openhealth-list was abuzz today with news that Sanchez Computer Associates has open sourced its M database technology (GT.M). The binaries are available on Sourceforge, and the source will be available soon. This makes an open source version of the Veteran’s Administration large medical software codebase (project VistA) a distinct possibility. This development is considered by some to be one of the most significant events in open source medical software history. ‘…
By making our database technology and programming language available on the GNU/Linux platform, we inherit a worldwide group of programming and testing resources that will cooperate with us, while working on their own behalf to enhance the software. Potentially, this opens a new revenue stream for Sanchez, said K.S. Bhaskar, vice president of Sanchez Greystone Group…’
Thanks to Kate Schell for this link.