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In-car passenger heat-stroke warning system on Linux is reporting on: ‘The EarthLink Simple Plug-and-Play Automotive Research Kit (SPARK) is a turn-key development system, based on Linux and open’ standards. It’s designed to let developers easily test, evaluate and develop automotive applications using familiar technologies. Our application uses the EarthLink SPARK kit as the basis for a heatstroke detection and warning system.

We connect a motion sensor and a temperature sensor to the SPARK in-vehicle device inputs and produce a software application designed to monitor the sensors and take action if the vehicle becomes hot enough to put the occupants at risk.

Developing applications for the SPARK in-vehicle �Clinux platform is similar to developing applications for desktop Linux systems. The kernel and libraries of the in-vehicle device are a subset of the typical full Linux system. The overall process is similar, using familiar tools like GNU make and the GNU compiler.”

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