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13-11 courtesy of Jefferson Hopkins

13. If it gets something on it, we can’t autoclave it!

12. The computer doesn’t address me as “Doctor”.

11. Risk carpal-tunnel syndrome with these hands?

10. I’m too BUSY to learn how to use computers.

9. Design committee input: Can you make that thingie on the
screen blink?’

8. Voice recognition, now THAT will be something.

7. My time is too valuable, why don’t we hire someone?

6. We’ll have that feature in the NEXT version.

5. Remember what a disaster the last one was?

4. I can work faster with my pen.

3. I won’t be able to interact with my patient if I have this
THING on my desk.

2. You want a drug and drug interaction database? That’ll COST

1. What? They want to turn me into a TYPIST!

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