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Interview: Fred Trotter on Medical Billing

Some may consider medical billing to be a dull topic, until one realizes that an estimated 14% of the 11 trillion dollar US economy is devoted to healthcare. That represents a lot of billing. Before 2004, there was a huge void in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for medical billing. Fred Trotter moved to fill that void by creating the FreeB project in 2004. FreeB was considered important enough by the FOSS medical software community, that community members bestowed upon him the 2004 Linux Medical News Achievement Award. Linux Medical News caught up with Fred to find out about FreeB and the current state of Free and Open Source medical billing.

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ClearHealth initial release

ClearHealth has been released by Uversa. You can download it at, but we also have a sourceforge project and download ClearHealth is a next generation practice management system and EMR. This php based system takes DNA from the FreeMED and OpenEMR projects. It is based on the smarty templating engine. ClearHealth uses the FreeB2 medical billing engine. — Fred Trotter, ClearHealth Project Manager

Future of FreeB

For several months now it has not been clear what the future of the FreeB project would be. Yesterday I spent several hours talking to David Uhlman about a new
approach to medical billing. As a result of this discussion I have
decided to hand over the reigns of FreeB development to him and his new
company, Uversa
For a good few of you, that
is really all you will care to know about this issue. FreeB development
will continue, and its main goals, to be a separate biller useful to
several projects will continue. Some of you will be curious as to why…
so that rather lengthy technical monologue follows.

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