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TORCH 1.2.0 Released

TORCH 1.2.0 now generates XML billing files in compliance with the Open Medical Billing System. In addition to the OMBS capablity, TORCH installation issues have been addressed to allow faster, easier and less problematic installation on Linux x86 boxes.

Installation on other platforms/OS’s is possible though we do not support anything other than x86 machines running Linux.

The TORCH security model is very granular and is role / object based. As of version 1.2.0 Patient Encounters can now be tagged as only being accessible by the creating healthcare provider. This prevents consulting providers from being able to view details of those Encounters that the patient would prefer to keep private to the original provider.

TORCH is an opensource electronic health record application based on the concept that this problem area is a content management problem vs. a structured data problem. TORCH can run on a laptop for a single physician and it can be scaled up to run across multiple servers in geographically separated locations. TORCH is licensed under the GPL and can be downloaded from the Open Paradigms,LLC website.