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OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold 20050212 available

OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold 20050212 is available as is OpenVistA SemiVivA FOIA Gold 20050212. Effective this release, release numbers will reflect the date of the VistA release on the US Department of Veterans Affairs FTP site; in this case, Feb 12, 2005. For further details on using these releases, please refer to the announcement of OpenVistA SemiVivA and VivA FOIA Gold 0.2. Both can be downloaded from the WorldVistA project page at Source Forge (

OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold 0.2 Available

OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold combines Knoppix 3.7 (, the state of the art in Linux live CDs with GT.M V5.0-FT01 ( and, the open source (GPL) release on Linux of the most widely used MUMPS in banking and finance and the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ proven VistA hospital information software as released on November 26, 2004 under the Freedom of Information Act ( is a good starting place for VistA).

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