VistA: Antiquated or Proven?

Recently Joseph Conn wrote an excellent article on VistA. A Modern Healthcare reader replied with a comment titled Antiquated system slowing EHR transformation which essentially argued that VistA was holding health IT back… because its old.

Thankfully Modern Healthcare has also published my reply VistA: You say ‘antiquated;’ I say ‘proven’. I offer more thoughts on the subject over at in my post ‘antiquated’ vs ‘proven’


IBM contributes software that predicts spread of emerging infectious diseases

eHealth News Portal is presenting a news article related to the last IBM announce that it has made available an advanced software technology that can help predict the transmission of diseases across countries and around the globe to the open source community. The tool will aid scientists and public health officials in understanding and planning more efficient responses to health crises, ultimately providing new tools for protecting population health.

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Medwiki, the medical wiki

What happens when a fan of Free Software and wikies wish to motivate your girlfriend to her Medicine studies? You could think in many things but possibly not to create a multilanguage wiki about Medicine and human health to her, but was exactly that what I did, and I couldn’t choose a best gift.

This way has borned in 2006 Medwiki, the medical wiki, today available in two languages, Brazilian Portuguese and English, where free (as is air) knowledge about Medicine and human health are being built and growing.

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Hawaii Company Blue Cliff, Inc. Awarded Two EMR Contracts

Click Read More for the full text of the announcement: “Honolulu based Blue Cliff, Inc. has been awarded two contracts to install and implement the VistA Electronic Medical Record System. The State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) awarded a contract for the installation and implementation of Blue Cliff’s Open Source VistA (OS VistA) hospital information system at their Orofino, Blackfoot and Boise Idaho locations. The second contract was awarded by Lakeview Healthcare Systems, Inc. (LHS) for the implementation of Blue Cliff’s Vista Electronic Medical Record (Vista-EMR) information system at fourteen of its sites in five states, including the site of its joint venture with Virginia NeuroCare Services, Inc., Lakeview Virginia NeuroCare, L.L.C.. Virginia NeuroCare is a Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center Core Program in Charlottesville, Virginia serving military and civilians in multiple residential facilities and an outpatient rehabilitation clinic…”

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FSDaily news hub

FSDaily ( is a news hub entirely dedicated to free and open source software, where users can vote stories up and down. It uses Pligg ( – like Digg, but just for free software.

There doesn’t seem to be much, if any, health related material there at present – but I am sure the imaginative contributors to LMN could change that quickly.

It is in its early days, but could provide a vehicle to share our interests with the wider free/libre, open source and Linux software communities.

Mirth 1.5 Released and Free Webinar Announced

We are very excited to announce the release of Mirth 1.5. This new version offers improved performance and reliability. Additionally, Mirth
1.5 delivers useful new features and bug fixes. Mirth now supports several internal databases including MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, and PostgreSQL to better integrate with your existing systems. Mirth 1.5 also includes a more robust and responsive administration and development environment along with a new utility for managing the Mirth server configurations.
Download Mirth 1.5:

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