Ask LMN: Any FOSS available for interfacing laboratory equipments like autoanalysers, preparing bardcodes stickers etc/

I am working in a hospital. My hospital has recently gone for a proprietary software for interfacing with laboratory equipments like autoanalysers etc. The system helps in fetching results from those equipments into a database. I seek your help in identifying any FOSS doing similar things. Alterntively, if I were to develop one on my own where are the details about the protocol?

Statistical Bias

This article is yet another example of pervasive proprietary EHR statistical bias.

The linked article excludes an enormous segment: Veterans Affairs VistA, its close cousin IHS RPMS and its increasing number of private sector deployments. There are approximately 1,000 VA outpatient clinics and many more Indian Health Service outpatient clinics as well as more and more private sector deployments. Not counting them or pretending that they don’t exist gives an inaccurate view.

21st VistA Community Meeting

If you have been wondering: What’s all the fuss about VistA? Where can I learn more about VistA? Who is the VistA Community? Can I use VistA in my hospital, clinic etc? How can I contribute to the improvement of VistA? Then plan on attending the 21st VistA Community Meeting, June 8 to 11, 2010 at George Mason University, Fairfax Virgina. More details after the break.

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Astronaut Live Training June 24-27th, 2010 Early Bird Registration Open, Limited Seats Available

Disclosure: Astronaut,LLC is owned by the same conspiracy as Linux medical News. Early registration is open for the second edition of “Introduction to VistA System Administration with Astronaut”. Limited seats are available and expected to fill fast. This comprehensive training event will start you on the journey to Electronic Health Record excellence and will be held in Houston, Texas, June 24-27th, 2010. More details and enrollment can be found here.