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  Major Hole in eRX
Interesting Developments Posted by Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS on Thursday April 14, @03:09AM
from the eRX dept.
Cancellation of medication orders already sent to the Pharmacy by eRX is only possible with less than 2% of pharmacies. The SCRIPT standard allows for change/cancel and you can possibly send it with the ordering software but less than 2% of pharmacies can receive the order. Therefore for most pharmacies it can only be done by laboriously calling the pharmacy, being put on hold, giving the information and waiting for them to do it. We tell the patient to not fill what was incorrect and let the order expire. It is not optimal.
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  Interoperability Fears
Health-IT Failures Posted by Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS on Thursday April 14, @03:00AM
from the dept.
When you get right down to it, lots of individuals and organizations fear interoperability. I am finding a great deal of resistance to the notion of the real deal of single sign-on longitudinal type record across organizations interoperability. Most want to only emit little squirts of electronic data and only under pressure to do so.
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  OpenEMR 4.2.1 is released
OpenEMR Posted by Brady Miller on Saturday March 26, @08:56AM
from the dept.
The OpenEMR community has released version 4.2.1. This new version is 2014 ONC Certified as a Modular EHR. OpenEMR 4.2.1 has numerous new features including 30 language translations and a patient flow board. OpenEMR 4.2.1 can be downloaded from the OpenEMR Project website at www.open-emr.org . Thanks goes to the OpenEMR community for producing this release.
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  AMIA CIS-WG Approves Patient Demographic Interoperability
Bioinformatics Posted by Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS on Sunday December 13, @06:59PM
from the Bioinformatics dept.
The American Medical Informatics Association Computer Information Systems Working Group has approved a white paper calling for implementation of basic patient demographic interoperability using IETF vCardDAV across all HIT applications including practice management. Surprisingly this mostly doesn't exist right now and most have to register and re-register patients basic demographic information manually. It goes to the working group steering committee now for further approval.
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  Astronaut releases drag and drop patient registration, to lead industry effort
VistA Posted by Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS on Thursday November 19, @09:03PM
from the Interoperability dept.
Astronaut which develops a Veterans Affairs (VA) VistA Electronic Health Record (EHR) distribution writes: Astronaut has released Astronaut-CPRS with vCardDAV demographics support. The new client allows drag and drop patient demographic registration as well as vCardDAV export of patient demographic information. Patients can send their information from a smartphone or email for quick and easy registration. Astronaut will lead an effort to make this interoperability industry-wide across, scheduling, billing, ordering portals and more. Complete article here: Newsletter registration here.
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  Interoperability Fatal Flaw
Health-IT Failures Posted by Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS on Wednesday July 15, @03:06PM
from the Health-IT Failures dept.
Another local hospital closed its doors. This points out a major flaw in interoperability schemes. They are not resistant to business failure. The very flawed assumption is that medical entities last forever. The premise is that others get these little carefully regulated squirts of information from these entities. What if that entity no longer exists? All continuity lost, all data lost. All of these laws and regulations and standards and years spent on all these schemes are built on that flawed assumption. Now what?
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  Calendar Synchronization in OpenEMR
OpenEMR Posted by ViSolve on Friday February 13, @08:32AM
from the dept.

With the advancements in technology on a day to day life, the time to search for calendar, search for a date rolling the papers and marking the dates is reduced. Nowadays, accessing a handy online calendar through electronic gadgets and scheduling the tasks for the day or planning for a whole year has become very simple. Online Calendar hence holds a major role in adding tasks, dropping appointments, arranging meeting and planning other functionality over one’s personal comfort and concern. Generally within a healthcare practice, the patient schedules an appointment in prior to the visiting date with the concerned physician and it is logged in the EMR calendar. Physician/Patient may use any one of the Calendars through iPhone, iPad, SharePoint, Msn, Google etc. and other online calendar applications. Hence, it is very essential to sync the appointments scheduled in EMR with the online calendar application for easy access and tracking.

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  Orthanc - Lightweight, RESTful DICOM Server for Medical Imaging In Hospitals
Medical Open Source Development Posted by Sebastien Jodogne on Wednesday January 07, @09:09AM
from the dept.
The amount of medical images that are generated, analyzed and exchanged by hospitals is dramatically increasing. Medical imaging is indeed the first step to the treatment of more and more illnesses, such as cancers or cardiovascular diseases.

In turn, the data management of clinical images and the administration of the computer network of a medical imaging department imply continuously growing technological challenges. Tasks such as autorouting between imaging modalities, exchanging data between clinical departments or hospitals, or anonymizing images are still hard to achieve in practice. This is a direct consequence of the lack of interoperability software that could bring technological independence to hospitals by creating low-cost gateways between proprietary ecosystems.

This medical context led in 2012 to the public release of Orthanc, an innovative free and open-source software to improve medical imaging flows in hospitals. Orthanc can turn any computer running Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, or Apple OS X into a DICOM store (in other words, a mini-PACS system). Its software architecture is lightweight and standalone, meaning that no complex database administration is required, nor the installation of third-party dependencies. Thanks to its REST API, to its plugin framework, and to its Lua scripting engine, Orthanc is primarily conceived as a versatile, robust building block to bring technological independence to clinical departments by automating their very specific imaging flows.

Homepage: http://www.orthanc-server.com/

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  OpenEMR 4.2.0 is released
OpenEMR Posted by Brady Miller on Sunday December 28, @10:45AM
from the dept.
The OpenEMR community has released version 4.2.0. This new version will be 2014 ONC Certified as a Modular EHR. OpenEMR 4.2.0 has numerous new features including 26 language translations and Patient Form improvements such as E-signing. OpenEMR 4.2.0 can be downloaded from the OpenEMR Project website at www.open-emr.org . Thanks goes to the OpenEMR community for producing this release.
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  A Modest Interoperability Challenge
Interesting Developments Posted by Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS on Saturday October 25, @01:23PM
from the interoperability dept.

That's it. Just demographics. Copy and Paste.

Changed 10/27/2014: I'll make it even easier use the vCard standard. You don't even need to transmit them even though that would be okay. Mandate that every application generate an XML page with name, DOB, gender, address, phone that can be copied and pasted and interpreted correctly into every other medical application. Just works, nearly every time.

Surely these huge corporations and governments and lawyers and regulators with their millions and billions can manage just this one insignificant thing that is actually useful? Right? Right?

This is NOT CCR/CCD. Just demographics. No link required, no gold plating. I've settled on calling this the Dumb Demographics challenge or DUDE. DUD is an alternative. I strongly considered Simple Health Informatics Technology Demographics but expected that to be misinterpreted. I would like this to be implemented industry-wide by Christmas. This should take perhaps a day, let's just say a week of programmer time to implement this per program. If this cannot be managed then we all know what a wet kiss to proprietary vendors monopolies and what a complete shaft to everyone else ARRA is.

Positive attitude everyone!

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