Commission Wants to Throw Out VistA (Again)

A VistA commission report can be found here. Its text and conclusion are of the ‘seen it before’ variety multiple times in VistA’s long history. Maybe the bureaucrats will finally succeed this time at murdering VistA after so many past attempts.

I find the report remarkably superficial, contradictory, full of breathtaking and fundamental errors. For example that VistA is ‘monolithic’ which is totally absurd. ‘Monolithic’ while having ‘130 variations’. Which one is it? Monolithic or 130 variations? If it is monolithic then how can it have these variations? A COTS system would have no variation? Is that a good thing? It also indulges in the Interoperability Tooth Fairy/Perpetual Motion Machine (ITFPMM) Will Save Us All fantasy while admitting that it is a legislative problem and not a software one.</p>

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