Brazilian government finances development of open source HIS

Approximately 60 thousand US dollars awarded for open source Care2x. This milestone for Care2x acceptance in Brazil was made by a federal supporting agency called FINEP of the brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT). The financial support was awarded to the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (IPCT) of a large southern brazilian university PUCRS in partnership with the group. The university research department is being directed by Professor Dario Azevedo while the Alfamais group is composed of former university professors and e-learning consultants.

Prof. Azevedo is the official leader of the project. The development works will concentrate on adapting the Care2x software to real brazilian needs and the financial aid will be used mainly to pay developers and programmers.

For verifications contact the project’s public representative:
Mr. Daniel Fink
Possidonio da Cunha 320
Porto Allegre – RS – Brasil
55-51-3268 4840
55-61-8401 7187
[dfink at]

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