GNUMed Alpha Server Possible in October 2000

Dr. Herb Horst of the GNUmed project has set out a tentative timetable for the availability of GNUMed “Provided people keep their promises…” The available schedule follows, highlights are Alpha releases in mid-October 2000 for server, December for client. Beta release in February 2001. “…looking for more developers to join, especially SQL wizards…” Note for US readers, the dates are written in Aussie DdMmYYYY format.

10.08.2000 alpha test SQL meta file: most entities and relations defined,
script to create an empty GNUMed database plus fully functional tables with
ICD-9/10 and other codes, some drug info, zip codes etc.

01.10.2000 alpha test server / API: working transaction server and most
logic on Interbase server functional. API for clients defined. From here
onwards it should be possible to write already functional clients

01.12.2000 first GUI client in alpha preview available: From here onwards
the system is theoretically functional. Design studies (executable ones)
exist already today but do not connect to the database yet.

01.02.2001 first beta test version (client and server)
Whooo-hooo. I hope we can make it until then.

The GNUMed project is looking for more developers to join, especially SQL wizards. The more people help, the earlier we can release. Looks as if funding will be available in the near future.

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