Rx for Sinus Infection: Yellow Highlighter?

My mother-in-law recently visited her primary-care-provider, after failing to shake a sinus infection. After a brief examination, the Doc offered her some free samples of a nasal spray medication that would help to clear the infection up. Mom thanked the Doc and promptly left with sample in-hand…

When she arrived home, try-as-she-might, she could not figure how to open the nasal spray. After arriving at our home in the evening, she enlisted the aid of my wife, in trying to figure out how to open the nasal spray sample.

Finally, the top popped off, revealing some sort of applicator that had a yellow, felt-like tip. The chisel point gave it away.. the Doc mistakenly gave my mother-in-law a yellow-highlighter promo-piece made to look exactly like the nasal spray product it was promoting.

I can’t help thinking that somewhere, somebody has just sprayed a sentence in an article that they were reading, and are waiting for the text to turn yellow.

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