LinuxPlanet: Review SuSE 7.0

LinuxPlanet reviews the SuSE 7.0 distribution of Linux in this article. ‘…SuSE Linux 7.0, the latest offering from the Germany-based SuSE GmbH, comes in two distinct
offerings–Personal and Professional–as well as an Upgrade version for current SuSE users….[Personal] is definitely a platform aimed at the home or office user who has minimum Linux experience.’

‘…When the 7.0 software was released in late
August, they sold 84,000 units directly to customers on the very first day, which sold out the product. Over the course of the next month, they sold another 40,000 units. SuSE’s success is also blazingly clear according to an independent survey of software sold in Germany that included games and utilities as well as operating systems and productivity
apps. In that survey, Wiegand said, SuSE Linux Professional was ranked number one and SuSE Linux Personal was
number three (Norton AntiVirus for Windows was number two).’

‘…Installation of the Personal edition is touted to be less than 20 minutes, and my number was close: 24 minutes
installing the Default with Office option, which is a base install along with StarOffice 5.2.’

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