OIO (0.9.4) Delivers Visual Analog Scale and Data Mining

Need more than radio buttons, click boxes, and drop-down menus for your web-based medical system? The latest release of Open Infrastructure for Outcomes (OIO), (Free account/demo here) shows what is possible by using a tiny Java Applet to implement a visual analog scale (5k). Users of the OIO can now incorporate visual analog scales into their web-forms with a few clicks– all without writing a single line of Java. Want to do data mining? Just point and click.

Following the introduction of XML metadata import and export in 0.9.3, oio-0.9.4 is the newest feature-enhancement release. It now allows the incorporation of Java Applets into web-forms for data input without programming. The new Visual Analog Scale form element is based on this capability.

The second major enhancement is client-side validation through Regular Expression (template). Now, the entire process of using Javascript to validate user input is automated.

The third major added feature is data merging and drill-down querying across Forms (and versions). This is the beginnings of adding data mining and statistical tools to future releases of the OIO.

New Features:

  • Applet integration: Visual Analog scale
  • Regular expression template,
  • Online help for Forms and Patients screens
  • Data merging across forms (and versions)
  • Drill-down data mining
  • Integrated examples during itemtype definition

    The OIO is built with and uses the open-source Zope application server and Postgresql. The OIO download is only 350k and is available from:

    Alternatively, you can get a free public access account from
    to try it first.

    We invite other open and closed source projects to incorporate OIO code and technology.
    By using the OIO and working together, hopefully we can accelerate the evolution towards more flexible and inter-operable systems.

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