.NET Roundup

Perhaps you have heard of Microsoft’s recent announcement of its .NET strategy. Or not. In the formative stages, .NET encompasses many ideas about computer languages, objects, interoperability and the Internet. Some believe it is the great unifier, others believe it is an ‘updated set of handcuffs’ and a ploy by Microsoft to lure and then trap developers into Windows. Here is a roundup on the subject both pro and con: Jim Farley has a cogent article with a good executive summary at the end, particularly with regard to competitor J2EE and how the playing field will change for open source advocates. Madhu Siddalingaiah points out the proprietary differences between .NET and the more open Java technologies. There is of course, Microsoft’s view and a detailed, perhaps one-sided, article by Bertrand Meyer on how great .NET is. Finally, one company’s experience of working with Microsoft to integrate the Eiffel programming language into .NET Thanks to Wayne Wilson for these links.

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