OIO moves forward with 0.9.5 release

OIO, the open source metadata creation and interchange system, adds data cleaning, drill-down analysis, and other minor feature upgrades in this scheduled (monthly) release. 0.9.5 works with the newest Zope-2.2.4 and is compatible with all metadata and data from previous versions of the OIO.

Release Name: 0.9.5
This is a minor upgrade release. The really *exciting* enhancements
did not make it into this release. I had to spend most of the month
working on a grant submission to get some help for developing and
disseminating the OIO in the next three years. Keep those bug reports
and feature requests coming! I can also use some help writing a
tutorial. Please let me know if you can help.

New Features:

  1. Online help for Reports (including data merging and mining)
  2. Printable forms display
  3. Data cleaning tool: Add patients to patient list by criteria=missing data
  4. Automatic assignment of item number when an item is added without
    an item number to a form (max + 10)

  5. Checking for duplicate item and itemtype name during form creation
    to prevent duplication of item or itemtype names

  6. Drill-down display of number of patients vs. number of data instances
  7. Tests O.K. on Zope 2.2.4

Bugs fixed:

  1. Regular expression template does not work in Netscape browser – resolved
  2. Change Report does not work from Selected Reports

The OIO download is only 350k and is available at:

Alternatively, you can get a free public access account from
to try it first.

Please contact me at andrew_p_ho@eudoramail.com if you have any
questions/problems or would like to be a developer on this project.

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