LinuxWorld: Making Money On Open Source

Nicholas Petreley of LinuxWorld has a timely article on making money in the open source world. You may have read my recent article on free and open source basics. I intended to write a companion article on free and open source economics, because the follow-up question by my Ph.D brother was on the very same subject. However, here is Petreley’s somewhat pessimistic view. ‘…I don’t think we should depend on selling software. We should shift the focus, because clearly the real money to be made in the future is in hardware and

‘…companies like VA Linux continue to grow at a nice clip because their income is not dependent upon the success of the distributors. If anything, IBM showed its
confidence in Linux as it intensified its Linux support even while Linux stocks faltered…’

…I have a feeling that nobody has quite figured out how to make money on software in the open source economy. That isn’t surprising to me. Few people have
quite figured out how to make tubs of money on the Internet. People used to think a lot of money would be made on Web advertising, but that isn’t panning out
for most sites. I don’t see how it could. So a new economic model for the Internet must emerge, and I believe it will.’

OIO moves forward with 0.9.5 release

OIO, the open source metadata creation and interchange system, adds data cleaning, drill-down analysis, and other minor feature upgrades in this scheduled (monthly) release. 0.9.5 works with the newest Zope-2.2.4 and is compatible with all metadata and data from previous versions of the OIO.

Release Name: 0.9.5
This is a minor upgrade release. The really *exciting* enhancements
did not make it into this release. I had to spend most of the month
working on a grant submission to get some help for developing and
disseminating the OIO in the next three years. Keep those bug reports
and feature requests coming! I can also use some help writing a
tutorial. Please let me know if you can help.

New Features:

  1. Online help for Reports (including data merging and mining)
  2. Printable forms display
  3. Data cleaning tool: Add patients to patient list by criteria=missing data
  4. Automatic assignment of item number when an item is added without
    an item number to a form (max + 10)

  5. Checking for duplicate item and itemtype name during form creation
    to prevent duplication of item or itemtype names

  6. Drill-down display of number of patients vs. number of data instances
  7. Tests O.K. on Zope 2.2.4

Bugs fixed:

  1. Regular expression template does not work in Netscape browser – resolved
  2. Change Report does not work from Selected Reports

The OIO download is only 350k and is available at:

Alternatively, you can get a free public access account from
to try it first.

Please contact me at if you have any
questions/problems or would like to be a developer on this project.