LMN Jobs/Classifieds/Career Section Opens!

Here’s my best go at a grandiose, ‘I am powerful’, hyped-up press release about something that’s good but not that big a deal: Houston, Texas: LinuxMedNews.com the leader in free and open source medical software news and resource information is proud to announce its latest contribution to the free and open source medical computing effort: LinuxMedNews Jobs/Classifieds/Career Development. This exciting new sub-site to the flagship LinuxMedNews.com can be found here and from the left of the LinuxMedNews home page by clicking the ‘Jobs/Classifieds’ link. Using the powerful Zope and Squishdot web publishing environments, readers can browse, search and post job listings, classified ads and career development information in easily searchable categories. Posts are viewable instantaneously. This classifieds section along with its Comprehensive Project List continues LinuxMedNews committment to help revolutionize medical education and practice through free and open source medical technologies.

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