BBC: NHS warned on computer spending

Two more articles in continuing coverage of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) computerization effort: One article from the BBC states: ‘…Recent reports from the National Audit Office “graphically illustrated” the need for improved information about equipment, bed management and hospital acquired infections, said the Tory MP [David Davis]. “Time and again, we have seen poor design, poor implementation and weak cost control,” he said. Link courtesy of Richard Shilling. The second article in Computer Weekly is an editorial about open source and the dangers of NHS cozying up to Microsoft: ‘…The Government will be taking a huge risk – should it be unsatisfied with the projects, will it be easy to move to another supplier? And how much would such a move cost? Microsoft’s track record on producing technology that can be easily integrated with that of its competitors raises an ominous spectre here… Link courtesy of Dave Scott.

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