SQL Clinic 1.1.0 Released

SQL clinic version 1.1.0 is available with the numerous improvements. Version 1.2.0 should be released sometime this month which will ‘support Oracle out of the box’. The complete list of enhancements follows.

*** SQL Clinic 1.2.0 is being tested now and will be released this month:

This is the first version of SQL Clinic to support Oracle out
of the box. Expected release date: 19 August 2002
(No other enhancements will be offered in this release.)

*** NEW SQL Clinic Version 1.1.0 is available for download NOW at:

New features include:

* New Library File Added With User Defined Options:

clinic.lib created, an updated version of pg_utils.lib
that has user defined options and complies with
-w and the use strict pragma. (Oracle support to be
added for non-beta release of 1.2.0)

* Auditing Subsystem Added (Turned On/Off in Library):

audit trails created (in both database schema, i.e. tables
prefixed with audit_ , and in src tree routines.) Any
patient record modified by user is first copied to the
corresponding audit_ table and then the record to be
modified is tagged as modified (with user’s name and
modification date being appended to the audit_trail field.)

* Additional Functionality for IT personnel Added:
webhosting applications track all related data

* All principal patient data tables now contain Chart ID
data (JCAHO compliance)

* Patient Pain Assessments and Nutrition Screenings
added (JCAHO Compliance).

* Staff Time Clock feature added.

* New Menuing system added. Site Map created.
Previous menuing preserved as button at top of screen.
Site Search feature added.

* Broadcast E-Mail (all employees) feature added.

* External Mailing Lists (sendmail aliases) replaced
with internal lists managed via Setup Menu.

* Patient Medical History and Status added (JCAHO compliance).

* Pain Assessment and Nutrition Screenings (JCAHO compliance).

* Patient photo (on Face Sheet) capability added.

* Prototype programs (/prototypes) and varous test routines
(/test) added for developers.

* Progress Note Editor reduced to Billable/Non-Billable Toggle
(OMH Compliance)

* Initial (72 Hour) Treatment Plan added.

* Patient Intake Program improved for ease of use (one form
admits patient to dept and unit.)

* Inter-Departmental Patient Status Change (census) Report added.

* Monthly Discharge Report added.

* Mission Statement added.

* Removed developer html, moved it to web site (reduce download size)

* Removed perl modules, moved to website (reduce download size)

* documentation: updated for version 1.1

* shell scripts: updated for version 1.1

* schema update sql script in /upgrade

Enjoy SQL Clinic!


Thomas Good e-mail: tomg@sqlclinic.net

Programmer/Analyst phone: (+1) 718.818.5528

Residential Services fax: (+1) 718.818.5056

Behavioral Health Services, SVCMC-NY mobile: (+1) 917.282.7359

SQL Clinic – An Open Source Clinical Record www.sqlclinic.net


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