Nominationees for the 2002 GNU/Linux Medical News Achievement Award

The nominees for the 2002 GNU/Linux Medical News
Software Achievement Award in alphabetic order
are as follows:

  • Thomas Beale, openEHR Foundation
  • Brian Bray, Minoru Development Corp.
  • K.S. Bhaskar, Sanchez Computer Associates.
  • Dr. Daniel L. Johnson, Mayo Clinic.
  • Wayne Rasband, Research Services Branch, National Institute of Mental Health.

    A very distinguished group. The full text
    of each nomination is within. This award will be
    presented at the November 2002

    Thomas Beale

    I hereby nominate Thomas Beale of the openEHR Foundation to receive
    the 2002 LMN Achievement Award.

    Over a period of many years Thomas has been steadfast in his pursuit
    of the “future-proof” medical record application.
    Thomas’ keen ability to always listen and always learn from others,
    yet stay focused and not stray from his mission has this year
    produced the openEHR Reference Model.

    While this work in itself is significant, Thomas has also been very
    busy working with other standards bodies to educate himself and them
    on the differences and similarities among standards. His world
    travels, quiet leadership and proof through publication puts Thomas
    in the front of the queue in qualifying for this honor.

    K.S. Bhaskar

    I want to nominate K.S. Bhaskar of Sanchez Computer Associates, who was directly responsible for convincing Sanchez to open
    source G.TM MUMPS which in turn led to the porting of VistA to the full open source stack on Linux and the creation of WorldVistA. This in my
    opinion is the most significant thing anyone in open source in health
    care has done since we got the ball rolling 5 years ago.

    Brian Bray

    I hereby nominate Brian Bray of Minoru Development to receive the
    2002 LMN Achievement Award.

    Brian’s initial contact with a selected group of open source
    advocates and subsequent hosting of the Toronto Summit was the spark
    that ignited collaboration which eventually gave birth to OSHCA.

    His leadership at Minoru helped to secure funding from the European
    Union for on going open source research projects such as PICNIC.

    Daniel L. Johnson, MD

    I nominate Dr. Daniel L. Johnson for the Second Annual Linux Medical
    News Award. His steadfast commitment to Open Source in healthcare has been a
    shining example of perseverance. His accomplishments include participating at some level in a great
    percentage (if not all) of the OS healthcare projects. He has
    presented open source at AMIA (in fact was the first to do so). He
    has presented open source concepts to major medical institutions.
    His quiet and humble demeanor belies his knowledge and leadership
    by example.

    Wayne Rasband

    I would like to propose a name for the 2002 Linux Medical News Achievement Award, which is more related to free software than strictly on Linux.
    My proposal is for Wayne Rasband (, Research Services Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, as author of ImageJ (
    ImageJ is a medical image processing software developed
    and put in the public domain (old-style definition, but
    definitely valid) with source code included by Wayne Rasband.
    The software is inspired by a previously created and carefully
    maintained software named NIH-Image, which was
    available for Macintosh and ported to Windows by
    a third-party.

    What I can personally add is that the software
    is feature full and at a really professional level
    making it compete with commercially available
    software (in the $5000-$10000 range)…
    In addition to the software,, Wayne
    Rasband is taking care of the user community
    through mailing lists and hosting.

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