OpenEvidence: EU finances an Open Source project

The EU is very active in supporting Open Source
development by providing financial aids to European
projects of interest, like OpenEvidence that
was approved to be realized by a consortium of technology providers and users from 4 countries: Belgium, France, Italy and Estonia.

In this contest C&A is very proud to announce its OpenEvidence participation, integrating its Time Stamping technology, to this ‘evidence creation and validation system’ of electronic documents and activities.

The technology developed by the project can be used as basic building blocks to support such services as non-repudiation of electronic business transactions, property right protection and notarisation.

Implementations and demonstration services using the protocols defined in RFC 3029 (DVCS) and RFC 3161 (TSP) will be provided as initial activity.
A version of time stamping service can be also be tested on the C&A web site.

To learn more about OpenEvidence:

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