UK leads in new open source health initiatives

UK health informatics experts are leading two new open source initiatives, the recently-approved Open Source Health Informatics Working Group (OSWG) of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and Open Nurse, the nursing open source network.

The IMIA Open Source Health Informatics Working Group is IMIA’s newest working group, and aims to bring together experts and interested individuals from a wide range of health professions, and with a range of interests in the potential application of open source solutions within their domains of expertise.

Open Nurse, the nursing open source network, is the first international initiative to explore the application of open source software in nursing and nursing informatics.

The IMIA OSWG will explore the implications of the open source approach for all aspects of health informatics and the appropriate use of open source solutions and applications. The OSWG will seek to work closely with other open source groups, to foster work and discussions.

The working Group is co-chaired by Professor Graham Wright, Director of CHIRAD, and chaired by Dr.Jan Vejvalka, of the Department of Applied Informatics, Charles University, Czech Republic.

Open Nurse will provide a collaborative forum within which to explore, promote and facilitate the use of open source software and approaches in nursing, healthcare and nursing informatics.

The development of Open Nurse is being lead by Dr Peter Murray.

Professor Graham Wright is Director of CHIRAD (Centre for Health Informatics Research and Development), which is the UK’s first virtual health informatics research centre and the UK’s first academic institutional member of IMIA.

Dr Peter Murray is a Founding Fellow of CHIRAD and the UK representative to IMIA.

Both Prof. Wright and Dr Murray are nurses and nurse educators with many years’ experience in their fields within the UK and internationally.


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