Brazil Health Service to go Open Source

Thanks to Andrew Ho for these links. eWeek has a quote by the ‘father of Java’ James Gosling who ‘delivered a keynote on “The Future of Open, End-to-End Software Systems” where he highlighted a few of his favorite Java systems. One was for the Brazilian National Health system, which Gosling said contained “a big pile of Enterprise JavaBeans.” He said the system runs on five national server farms that look at 12 million people in 44 cities, he said. The Brazilian National Healthcare system has about 10 million lines of code, Gosling said, and the organization plans to turn its software over to the open-source movement. “It’s like 10 million lines of code,” he said. “I don’t know what SourceForge would do with this,” he quipped. is an open-source software repository maintained by VA Software Inc. More information can be found here.

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