PR: Medical Transcription Data Converted into Guerrilla Marketing Ammo

Medical transcription companies are benefiting from data collection, thanks to a free service from The service uses MySQL, a popular free/open source database software. Transcription Report was recently released to subscribing companies listed on the website. The new quarterly report is a compilation of statistical data gathered from physicians and medical managers submitting match requests into the website.

Utilizing Transcription Match, medical managers and physicians submit their needs such as volume, specialty, preferred dictation and delivery methods and a host of other parameters. The online database then matches the needs of the medical practice to the abilities of the service and a report is delivered to the physician containing the contact information of those services matching the request.

Transcription Report is now available to the companies listed within the database and is an overview of the needs and trends of medical practices, without identifying the practice. “Looking into the data we have collected,” says John Nistad, CEO of, “We are able to better understand what the physician is looking for and where he wants to go in the future. For instance, we have learned that transcription services will need to have the ability to interface their final product into physician site medical management and electronic medical records systems. Sharing this information with our listed services only serves to improve the quality of service that is brought to market.”

Presented in a graphic format alongside analytic commentary, the report enables the transcription service owner to examine and compare their abilities with the needs of the market, and make adjustments where necessary. For example, more physicians are requesting 24 hour turnaround of their dictation than ever before.

The data analysis also influences the website content, and as a result, additional information about electronic medical records and application service providers has been brought to the site. “The goal of is to enable the medical transcription service owner to compete on a level plane with larger corporations now involved in medical transcription,” says Nistad. “Keeping current with emerging technology is a key to staying alive in this very competitive market.”

Transcription Report is a quarterly publication of and its distribution is limited to medical transcription services having an advertising subscription on For more information: Inc.
P.O. Box 6
Layton, NJ 07851

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