Reader Question: Missing Medication Documentation?

From: “Deb”
To: “Ignacio Valdes”
Subject: Re: cyberren software
Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003 3:37 AM

Dear IV,

First of all I’m a nurse, and pretty much computer illiterate. What I’m trying to do is find some answers to why some of my documentation is missing especially medications. We have a real problem at work with sharing passwords, screens left open etc… I am also wondering if some of my documentation might have been deleted intentionally, or unintentionally. Tell me a little bit about why close source, vendor lock in, non-standard interface, and Windows 95 is bad. Cybernius said that they could find no record on the Cyberren program of the specific deletions, however I didn’t expect them to come right out and tell me any problems they have had with their software. Another concern I have is potential loss of information, this program crashes weekly, and becomes very slow to respond freezing screens for 10-20 mins a time


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