The Contenders

Newcomers to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in medicine scene have commented that it is difficult to discern which FOSS projects are the most advanced. At the risk of upsetting many worthy projects and hard-working people I bring the following short list of what I consider to be The Contenders: a United States centric view of those projects and resources that have achieved or are most likely to achieve a critical mass of users, developers and clinical ability. The criteria includes a Free license, a shipping product that is in actual use in real-world situations. Paying customers and availability of contractual support are highly desirable, but not completely necessary for the list. Apologies in advance to those that I have overlooked as well as a number of worthy International projects. Feel free to add to this list.

1) OSCAR — geared toward outpatient, family practice, full functionality.

2) TORCH — multi-specialty, ZOPE based.

3) SQLclinic — multi-specialty.

4) VistA:, Medsphere/Vista
WorldVistA — multi-specialty, supports large hospitals and large outpatient clinics, may work in smaller clinics.

Honorable mentions: tk_family practice/Medmapper, OIO.

Lists to join:

1) Openhealth:


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