Ten Comandments of Computerization

Interesting and well written, this article first appeared in The Osler Outlook and discusses the legal liability of NOT using technology: ‘…T.J. Hooper v. Northern Barge was a famous case in its day, holding the tugs liable for their failure to have on board state-of-the-art technology. In 1932, that “state-of-the-art technology” was a radio receiving set, capable of picking up the weather broadcasts of the fledgling National Weather Service, which had taken to broadcasting maritime weather reports twice a day. The Hooper and the Montrose had on board what was customary in the merchant marine of 1932 – a transmitter, to call “Mayday” – but the court said that there are precautions so imperative that no industry or trade may be excused for their lack, even if the disregard be universal, and that the newness of the technology is no defence…’ How liable are physicians if they don’t use computerized ordering or records?

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