OpenEvidence: the open source for notarisation

Financed by the European community, OpenEvidence -part of European Project Group FP5- is an open source framework for data certification, time stamping and data archival that brings technology for evidence creation, validation and long term protection of documents.

Developers of France, Belgium, Estonia and Italy share in this project their technological know-how to build an architecture that can be applied to different business models like notarisation.

Based on standards ISO 17799, British Standard 7799, IETF PKI RFC 3161 and IETF PKI RFC 3029, standardisations efforts has been made collaborating with the LTANS IETF Working group, ISO (concerning time stamping standard), PKIX certificate validation protocols, DVCS update (RFC 3029) and ISO 18509.
A demonstration service of Time Stamping using RFC 3161 by C&A (Italian partners of OpenEvidence) can be used on its web site.

For more info about OpenEvidence:

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