Open Source Solutions Sought for Medical Manager Difficulties

Glenn Kuczer is actively soliciting open source solutions after having enough difficulties with Medical Manager to begin a website called “”: ‘…Thinking about buying anything from Medical Manager a WebMD company? Think Twice! Can you say Class action? webmd is a hastily assembled juggernaut which emerged from 1990s dot-com venture capital cash. it grew by acquisition of very different business units, which remain poorly integrated today. The division I deal with is medical manager. this is a proprietary software vendor with high staff turnover and a poor record on timely project delivery. their software runs on all the systems that i manage. we are currently looking for a appointment and billing system because the product and the company are both flaky and we’re looking at open source software as a solution to both problems. Any Practice that would like to discuss the problems with Medical Manager and their software System feel free to email me, I am the Information Systems Administrator for a large medical facility. The intention of this website is to gather information from other medical practices that also use the Medical Manager software systems. There will be articles that pertain to specific situations that will be discussed, so Thank you for visiting this buyer beware information on Medical Manager. ***All those who wish to shutdown this site need only to read the first amendment in the US Constitution…’

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