Some basic principles of Care2x

After observing some discussion threads in several lists lately, I believe we need to remind ourselves that Care2x:

a) does not and will not discriminate any nation, continent, language, race, religion, culture and socio-political-economic systems.

b) is not a religion and will stay neutral to religious beliefs.

c) is not a political platform and should not be abused as such.

d) is not a political tool and should not be abused as such.

e) is not a weapon and should not be abused as such.

f) has the PATIENT as its center of activities.

g) will respect other “standards” even if Care2x may or may not propose its own standard soon or in the future.

h) will try to integrate other “standards” (e.g. HL7) inside an abstraction layer (similar to ADODB in principle).

i) will not enter into a competitive race against similar projects but instead try to create a channel to communicate with their applications.

Also, Care2x’s mailing lists:

a) are democratic and every subscriber can post his own opinion

b) are not censored

c) subscribers should be responsible for their statements

d) subcribers are free to rebutt or counter any posted statement

d) subscribers’/members’ statements DO NOT automatically constitute the project’s principles.

A little known fact:
There are people from North America, USA and Autralia who are interested in implementing Care2x in their health institutions and are hoping to have it accepted widely in their countries. Interestingly, these people are modest, humble and chose to keep low profile.

Elpidio Latorilla

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