USA version of OSCAR?

A group of physicains are looking at developing a USA focused release of OSCAR.

While their website ( seems to be more focused on selling stethoscopes, they do list a product called “ServeDoctors EMR v1.1” for release in Feb 2004.

As found from a posting on the OSCAR forum at:

I would like to invite doctors and programmers to post their thoughts about necessary changes for OSCAR to be used within the USA.

Please spend some time using the demo at and then post your opinions or suggestions.

These are some of the major goals that USA developers have for OSCAR right now:

>> Integrated USA billing module that will act as a data clearinghouse for OSCAR for various private insurance billing and medicare/medicaid

>> Symantic and quantitative tracking adaptations. For example: Some lab values are reported with different units in Canada vs. USA. Most symantic changes are fairly easy to make, but we need more feedback from USA doctors regarding any terminology that appears to be abnormal

>> USA typical templates. OSCAR has the flexibility for you to change the templates on your particular installation with no programming knowledge required. In the near future a whole library of USA ready templates will be available as an add-on or import into the standard OSCAR installation.

>> Enhanced progress note/encounter documentation features. The main enhancements here are: integration of flow sheet usage into encounter documentation, providing better vital signs tracking, and USA typical physical exam.

If you are a programmer in the USA who is interested in helping enhance OSCAR, please contact me [ ] so that we can collaborate and be more effective working together instead of apart.

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