Oscar 2.0 Has Open Source Drug Reference

David Chan is announcing the availability of “OSCAR”:http://www.oscarhome.org version 2.0 which features Drugref.org’s Free and Open Source drug database, easy internationalization, a laboratory module, improved billing and more. Read more for the full text of the announcement.

We will be releasing v2.0 shortly on SourceForge. This new version
incorporates all the enhancements our Brazillians friends have added – you
can change to Brazillian Portugese by simply changing the browser
properties! Anyone interested in putting in other languages? It’s now a very
simple process. Moreover, they have added support for PostgreSQL. They are
in the process of translating the Help manual to Portugese. You can access
the demo via:

Other major enhancements include:
(1) Thanks to the drugref.org group, the oscarRx module uses a totally Open
Source drug database web-service (running PostgreSQL and Python). The
database you see in the Demo site has the Canadian drug database in it. But
the idea is that one can access drug info from any country. I hope more
folks will join Horst and Ian with their excellent work.
(2) The Lab module is now in place. It parses HL7 lab data from a lab (MDS
Lab in Canada for now) and integrates the data with the patient. There is a
work flow management build in for the health care providers to read and
handle the lab data.
(3) There is a whole new section for puttingin “measurements”. Features
include data reports and graphing. Data is copied to the narrative part of
the eChart automatically to avoid double data-entry. It’s highly flexible.
(4) A few fixes: Disease Registry can use different coding system;
immunization module is fixed.
(5) The billing system is slightly enhanced. You can set properties at
install time what billing module to take. There is now modules for Ontario
and British Columbia.

New features coming soon:
(1) Direct integration with PING – the Personal Health Record system from
(2) Decision Support (Diabetes, Hypertension, and hyperlipidemia) via
(3) oscarCitizens v1.0 is now available via our CVS on SourceForge. It is
a companion system to OSCAR EMR for these functions:
– making appointment
– secure messaging
– personal health record
– access OSCAR EMR record
– (soon) decision support


Yours sincerely,

David H Chan, MD, CCFP, MSc, FCFP
Associate Professor
Department of Family Medicine
McMaster University

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