Open source software council kick-off meeting in Japan

We will have a kick-off meeting of Medical Open Source Software Council on April 17, 2004 in Fukuoka, Japan. 60 people applied the meeting. They are increasingly willing to disscus open source software and its applications in clinical informatics.

More information is here.
The table of contents is Japanese. Broken english version of it is shown below.
1)Review about development of medical open source software and its problem (KOBAYASHI, Shinji)
2)Open source software license(HATTA, Masayuki)
3)The ORCA project, open source clinical accounting system.(UENO, Tomoaki)
4)CLAIM implementation by Java and connect to ORCA.(NAKAYAMA, Hiroo)
5)The developement of clinical account stastitics system by Struts and Java. (MINENO, Takafumi)
6)The developement of clinical statistics and reporting system by COBOL (KUSUMOTO, Yoshiki)
7)ORCA for Vine Linux, Glclient for Win32 (KATOH, Tomohiro)

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