Tkfp Live ISO! Uploaded to Sourceforge

As posted on the mailing list.

I posted a Tkfp Live! .iso image file to today. It’s a bootable CD image file containing a configured and working copy of Tkfp running on Slackware 9.0 using WindowMaker as the window manager. It requires no installation of either Linux or Tkfp to run. It creates a “virtual file system” entirely in RAM. It doesn’t install anything on your hard drive. You can try out Tkfp and Linux on any Intel computer with enough RAM that can boot off a CDROM. Just burn the .iso image onto a CD and set your BIOS to allow booting off the CDROM.


A fast internet connection to download the file – it’s about 345MB. At least 384MB of RAM seem to be needed to get enough virtual file space for Tkfp. It has been tested on a Dell with a Pentium 4 2Ghz with 512MB RAM and Intel 810 on board video and seems to run well. It also has been run on an older AMD K6-2 450 machine with 384MB RAM. The start up scripts attempt to configure your Xserver. If auto configuration
doesn’t work, there are some instructions on how to configure it yourself. I removed KDE and Gnome but there are a full suite of networking and other
utilities including SSH, CUPS, LPRNG and many others available.

There is an .md5 file which allows verifying the
integrity of the .iso file after you download it. On Linux, if you save the .iso and .md5 files in the same directory, you can run:

md5sum -c

It will output a message about the file integrity.

I certainly am just learning about creating these Live CD thingies. This is my first attempt, so please be patient if it doesn’t work! Would appreciate any feedback as to success or failure.

Alexander Caldwell

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