OpenEHR Forms Architectural Review Board

The OpenEHR Foundation recently announced the formation of an Architectural Review Board (ARB). The OpenEHR group is particularly well connected so this is an announcement of import: ‘…We expect that there will be a lot more on show along this pathway over the coming year. From where we sit, we can see openEHR integrating straightforwardly and, in principle, uncontentiously, with current CEN and HL7 developments, offering distinctive discipline and simplicity into the emerging EHR domain. Our greatest hope is to see the openEHR community of users now progressively making the pace in pulling and pushing implementation. There are many signs of that, throughout the world, including on the openEHR discussion lists. Only two weeks ago, at a meeting of EU Accession States in Krakow, which I co- chaired, I joined a session in the middle of a presentation by a young and enthusiastic system developer from Hungary, who was speaking about his experience of using openEHR! That’s the kind of surprise one really enjoys! In the ARB, we hope we have a good way of supporting these next stages of endeavour…’

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