GoEMR.com announces its support of OpenEMR

GoEMR.com announces that it will be offering support services for OpenEMR as well as OSCAR. Support services include installation, customization, server/data maintenance, as well as custom programming.

The programmers at GoEMR.com are working on converting the OSCAR USA SOAPwizard component from jsp to php in order to give OpenEMR a much stronger progress note templating capability. The conversion to php will also make the SOAPwizard able to be integrated with other php projects such as FreeMed. Troy Jordan, managing partner of HealthWare, LLC and owner of GoEMR.com, said he chooses to contibute to OpenEMR because he was impressed with its intuitiveness and its integration of FreeB, an open source billing module.

The SOAPwizard allows doctors to create, share, and edit point-and-click soap note templates including an extensive review of systems form. Management of the templates is done entirely from the web-browser. Each doctor can organize a personal favorites list and duplicate other doctors’ templates for personal customization. The SOAPwizard inserts sentences into
the progress note based on clicking short descriptions. The SOAPwizard was designed for touch screens or tablet PCs, but can be operated easily with a mouse. The current demo of the SOAPwizard is on the GoEMR.com website within
the OSCAR USA demonstration. All of the source code is available for download at GoEMR.com.

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