ESSI VistA Successful, No Downtime

Houston, Texas: Executive Software Systems, Inc. (ESSI), a
leader in VistA development and implementation outside the Veterans Administration, announces a successful implementation of Free/Open Source VistA medical information software in a family practice outpatient clinic. The implementation has had no downtime since May 2004 when it was introduced to the Spring Branch Community Health Center (SBCHC) established by Dr. Patrick McColloster. Dr.McColloster has stated that the software is very successful for SBCHC. The recently opened Spring Branch Community Health Center Dedication is scheduled for June 30, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. at its location on the corner of Kempwood and Blalock, Houston, Texas.

Features of this software (derived from April 2004 FOIA VistA at the Houston
VistA Community meeting, and then modified by ESSI) include the following:

  • Registration of new patients and Appointment Scheduling modules.
  • CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) as an EMR system built
    incrementally from components
    incorporating features for patient encounters, allergy and problem
    list entry, the use of electronic orders for outpatient medications, lab
    requests, and consult/procedures, and the use of progress notes,
    templates, and consults in conjunction with an integrated scanning and
    screen IMAGE capture module called from within the Computerized Patient
    Record System (CPRS).
  • Other CPRS features include:
  • Prescription writing capability with ability to print prescriptions for filling by an outside pharmacist.
  • Customized templates for progress note generation.
  • Nurse practitioner and other Nursing progress note support,
    including vitals entry
  • Social and psychiatric counseling
  • Immunization module including template with reminder dialog
    which includes all Pediatric immunizations
  • Billing and Accounting software integrated with the EMR system from
    CPRS through customization of VistA’s Billing and Accounts
    Receivable packages for the generation and auditing of bills with
    payment transactions, and the generation of HCFA 1500 forms for
    Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance carriers.ESSI is currently part of a team of developers of Free/Open Source VistA,
    and has been so since its conception. ESSI staff include a variety of
    professionals necessary for high quality completion of projects involving
    both standard and custom software, support services to hospitals, other
    medical facilities, practice management groups, and individual physicians.

    ESSI was the major sub-subcontractor for the Pacific Telehealth & Technology
    Hui Project (2002-2003), which ported a version of FOIA VistA to GT.M on
    Linux. ESSI did the project management, the full documentation, and testing
    environment with the software system. Also included was a parameter
    generator for use in future software development, allowing flexible
    customization of software to enable/disable specific subsystems.

    ESSI personnel can be reached at Visit for additional information for installation, customization and support.

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