List of Active FOSS EMR/EHR’s

Here’s about as good a summary as you can get of currently active Free and Open Source Software EHR/EMR projects courtesy of Dan Johnson, MD. Dr. Johnson is the author of the earliest known writings on Free and Open Source Software in medicine. He continues his activity in this area.

June 11, 2004,

Dear Dr. Rollow, Mr. Weir, and Mr Moy:

Thank you for speaking to me this week about DOQ-IT and open source

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e-MDs to Release Medication Database to Healthcare Community

This link courtesy of Nancy Anthracite. E-MD’s is announcing that they may open-source their drug database by mid-July: ‘…The company is currently in discussions with major medical organizations and the Open Source Software Initiative (OSSI) regarding adoption and maintenance of the database. Depending on the outcomes of those discussions, e-MDs hopes to have the database generally available for download from e-MDs or a hosting entity by mid July. As currently planned, e-MDs’ staff of pharmacists will continue to maintain the database and validate new entries until such time as it is officially adopted by one of these sponsoring organizations…’ Then again, has had an effort like this for a substantial period of time.

iPath – Telemedicine Platform via Internet

iPath is a project to develop a general purpose telemedicine platform. The core functionality is the “iPath-Server” – an open source telemedicine server with an integrated web- and email-interface.
On top of the server, some specialised modules are also developed. The most important is a the microscope-controller, a combination of a client application for a remote workstation and a java applet which allow the remote control of a microscope over internet.

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