iPath – Telemedicine Platform via Internet

iPath is a project to develop a general purpose telemedicine platform. The core functionality is the “iPath-Server” – an open source telemedicine server with an integrated web- and email-interface.
On top of the server, some specialised modules are also developed. The most important is a the microscope-controller, a combination of a client application for a remote workstation and a java applet which allow the remote control of a microscope over internet.

The iPath-Server provides the basic functionality of the project. In principal, it is a groupware tool, specialised for medical specialists to discuss interesting and difficult cases with colleagues. All users organise themselves in closed user group. Within such groups, users can submit cases (text, images and other documents) and present them to other group memebers. The other members can then add their comments.

A special feature of iPath is that it also offers a lot of its functionality via email. Users can instruct the server to notify them of specific events (e.g. a new case in group A). Aditionally, they can also submit new cases and comments to existing cases by email. This feature makes iPath very useful for telemedicine in developing countries, where email is often the only reliable electronic communication service available.

The project website is at http://ipath.sourceforge.net/

The online demo server is at http://ipath.sourceforge.net/ipath/ .
You can use the ff: access data:

username = hxp

password = hxp

The project leader and main contact person is Kurt Brauchli (kurt.brauchli@unibas.ch)

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