Italian Olympic Committee uses open-source based HIS

CONI, as the committee is popularly known in Italy, has approved its sports medicine department locally called L’Instituto Nazionale di Medicina dello Sport (INMS) to use a custom version of Care2x, an open-source integrated hospital information system.

According to Umberto Rampa, the department’s IT director responsible for the project, it took the INMS around 17 months to make the important customizations up to using the modules in real productive environment. The institute has more “outpatient” character. Their “patient”, mostly athletes, isn’t sick but rather a kind of superman.

The INMS started the customization of Care2x in Rome on March 2003 by hiring two professional software engineers. They modified and/or enhanced many modules to fit their needs in billing, laboratory, demographics, medical reports, as well as migrating data from a legacy system. The resulting product was first tried for productive operation on May 2004. On the following month, they activated the “general medicine” and “appointment” modules. On June 2004, the cardiology module was activated.

Mr. Rampa said that they are now planning to integrate modules for intruments management and digital imagery.

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Tel: 39-6-36851 (ask for Mr. Umberto Rampa)
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