Yahoo Group for MBN scam victims open

Editor’s Note: Linux Medical News is devoted to Free and Open Source Software in Medicine so this is off topic. That said, the response to our previous story on Medical Billers Network has been overwhelming. Too overwhelming. Please put all your future posts to this announced discussion group that Linux Medical News did not create or run. I have opened a new Yahoo Group to organize all the victims of the Medical Billers Network scam. I ask that if you were scammed out of your money by Medical Billers Network as I was, please join my discussion group here.

I would like to gather evidence of misleading and false advertising by MBN and I need all the victims to come together to file a class action suit against MBN. We need to share and discuss what our experiences were with MBN and also find an attorney who would take this on. Please help stop this scam now, join my group.

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