Documentation of OpenEMR List of Features – Update

Documentation of OpenEMR’s list of features has been updated for January 2005. The 40 page guide to OpenEMR is available in the Documentation section of Downloads for Linux. The new list includes updates in 24 category areas. Those categories relate to features in OpenEMR including:

1. Appointment Scheduling;

2. Patient Registration;

3. Eligibility/Method of Payment;

4. Patient Check-In/Encounter Form Management;

5. Patient Check-Out/Charge Entry;

6. Billing, Payments, and Accounts Receivable Management;.

7. Laboratory and Ancillary Tracking;

8. Document Management � Handling of Digital Records;

9. Patient Tracking and Recall;

10. Management Reporting Capabilities;

11. Functional Innovation � Integration with other applications;

12. Application Service Provider (ASP) Option;

13. Technology Infrastructure Specifications;

14. EMR Integration;

15. Prescription Writing;

16. Technology Requirements � Database;

17. Technology Requirements � Practice Management System (PMS);

18. Scalability;

19. Training;

20. Documentation;

21. System Support;

22. Software Pricing;

23. Implementation Pricing; and

24. ASP Pricing

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