FreeB 2.0 Draft API Specification Available For Review

Following up on the recent news release regarding Uversa’s position as the new project maintainer of FreeBilling (FreeB) we are now releasing a draft API specification of version 2.0 for public comment and review. Read on for details and how to comment.

The new specification accomplishes much of what the original release of FreeB intended, simplicity, extensibility and low barrier to entry. The phpDoc API documentation can be reveiwed on this page, Draft FreeB 2.0 API Specification.

Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and can be sent to the existing FreeB mailing list or you can contact Uversa directly.

In further news FreeB, with Uversa’s oversight, has received the EDIFECS compatibility certification for X12 837 Health Care Claim – Professional (Addenda) claims. This represents a significant step forward in bringing the FreeB project to level competitive with existing proprietary applications. More information on ClearHealth FreeB can be found on Uversa’s ClearHealth product page and the Freeb product page.

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