INFOWAY To Promote Interoperability Through Open Source Initiative

“Press Release”:

Montreal, June 1, 2005 – Infoway has launched an Open Source initiative that will help demonstrate how independent health information systems can exchange information with one another. This interoperability is critical to bring authorized healthcare providers complete and accurate information when and where they need it, allowing them to make better diagnosis and treatment decisions.

 The Infoway Reference Implementation Suite shows how different systems, in this case client registry systems connecting to clinical systems, can communicate with one another. Patients within the healthcare system are often registered in many different directories (registries), within clinics, hospitals or at a province-wide level. To present the complete picture of a patient�s history, it is necessary to identify patients across independent systems to be able to get a complete view of their clinical information.


**NOTE: This is the official press release regarding the open source project reported here earlier. This project is based on the HL7 CDA.**


The entire press release is available on the “Canada Health Infoway website”:

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